Meet Kosta and his tattoo entourage

As I am excited to go back home again next week and I want to write another post, related to Bulgaria’s tattoo culture, this week I am introducing you to a very close friend of mine. My first tattoo was a gift from him, I’ve watched some of his tattoos being made and I thought it would be interesting to let you guys have a look.

(c) MEM Studio
(c) MEM Studio

Kosta is 22 and works as a bartender in one of Sofia’s iconic bars – bar Friday, where most people I know spent most of their high school years (not excluding myself from the equation), and where a significant part of the heart of Bulgaria’s tattoo culture thrives.

As he is not one for social media attention and you will rarely hear him discuss his tattoos, I will let his ink speak for itself, as the combination of punk, old- school hip- hop and skate culture comes to life on the skin of someone with a boundless smile, personality and access to absinthe.

Now that I got your attention with MEM Studio‘s amazing photographs of Kosta at the skate park in Burgas, here are some of my attempts to capture his tattoos in detail. Cheers!



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