Hello all, my name is Bilyana and I am a second year student in BA Media and Cultural Studies, London College of Communications.

I created this blog as part of my assignment and I am looking forward to developing it in the following 10 weeks. I feel it is important to note that as unlike most people my age I am not a social media enthusiast and I am not used to exposing my inner thoughts and everyday experiences to the public eye, this will be something new and experimental for me. I do, however, feel very enthusiastic about the topic I am going to discuss here as tattoos are something I have had a great interest in for a long time.

The aim of this blog is not only to focus on the aesthetic value of tattoos, but to also discuss the place of tattoo culture in the modern world and to trace the changing perception of tattoos in the modern society. Yes, I am going to post pictures of cool tattoos too.